The Wandering Blades, an elite force of adventurers based in the country of Elrya. Fighting for King and Country, they seek to rid the world of evil… and get rich in the process. The band consists of:

Zarok the Fierce: The team connoisseur and collector of weaponry. Typically wields a greataxe that drains the life force of his enemies.

Aelius the Tactician: A master tactician, Aelius carries the sword of his house: Crucible.

Torrin of House Naddar: The silver dragonborn tries to keep the team on the side of truth and justice. His efforts have mixed results.

Kratos the Lizard Wizard: This magical maniac seeks magical power. And babes.

Rothen the Silent: The party’s ranged support, and guide in the wilderness. Accustomed to fighting solo, sometimes the half-elf has trouble distinguishing friend from foe.

Peekay the Divine: The eladrin cleric has been thrown into a world of chaos and battle since leaving the safety and warmth of the cloisters at the temple of Pelor. He has learned to heal wounds greater than any he has seen in any text of medicine, and has even brought his allies back from the brink of death.

The Wandering Blades!

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