Aelius the Tactician

The scion and only living heir of his house.


The only remaining heir to the Greyhallow line, Aelius is a capable warrior and true friend to the Wandering Blades.


After Aelius left the Wandering Blades, he journeyed to the Southern Kingdom, where he took up his father’s job, working for King Solomon Greymantle as one of his generals and heads of tactics.

His father, Ephram Hawkeye, was the head general of King Solomon’s armies. Ephram was killed in a raid when he was personally retrieving a party of the King’s rangers, who had been cut off from retreat when they ran into a party of Dragonborn scouts.

Ephram was killed by Naseth of House Mephiston, as they were surrounded by the bodies of many elite dragonborn. His sword was taken by Naseth, but it is enchanted to return to the ancestral family home in the east of Sardowyn if ever the bearer dies.
The sword Crucible has now been taken up by Aelius, who wields it in addition to wearing armour made from the scales of the black dragon slain by the party in the far south.

Aelius has returned to the party in the wake of some very troubling dreams…

Aelius the Tactician

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