Rothen the Silent

When he grew up in the forests of northern Elrya, he never dreamed he would ever be as annoyed by anyone as he is by his own natural 1s.


Rothen is a 26 year old half-elf.


Rothen grew up in one of the northern provinces of Elrya. His mother and father, elf and human respectively, were moderately well off, their father being a minor noble who oversaw the development of several villages, and their mother a courier in the King’s service.

That is, until the drow came.

Pouring out of the mountainside, they came. Swift and silent, yet deadly as a devil’s touch. A raiding party, seeping through the cracks in reality enough to creep out of the Underdark and into Midgard. Their blades were black as night and cold as ice. The villagers never stood a chance.

There were but three survivors of that fateful night. But for the fact that Rothen’s uncle had been staying with the family, there would have been none. Unable to save their parents, Radom Swiftclaw managed to rescue the two brothers. He spirited them deep into the forest, vowing to never again let the outside world destroy what he had.

It was in the northern forests that Rothen and Athar were taught the martial ways of the forester. Radom had some skill as a caravan guard, and he was determined to ensure that the pair would be able to defend themselves.

Rothen now finds himself a part of the Wandering Blades. An adventuring company based out of Elroost and the surrounding area.

Rothen the Silent

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