Kratos the Lizard Wizard

The arcane anomaly of the Wandering Blades


A huge red dragonborn with a loincloth, sleeveless leather long-coat and a pot belly, Kratos is the loveable yet uncomfortably sexual wizard of the guild. He has an octopus familiar named Octopu’see.



Kratos grew up in the Seventh Empire, the kingdom of the Dragonborn on the southern continent of Atla. Very advanced in magic and war, the ruling upper classes are composed of dragonborn families.

Kratos’ father, Morrash the Destroyer, is a general in the armies Seventh Empire. He always wanted Kratos to become a proud warrior, and for a while Kratos was happy to oblige, until he realized how much work it is being a warrior. He decided to become a wizard, the long beards and pot bellies of the Archmages alluring him to the Grand Academy of Magic. It took some time to convince his father that the way of the wizard was every bit as noble as that of the warrior, but in the end, his father relented.

Unfortunately it was then that our hero discovered that being a wizard was just as much work as being a warrior (if not more). He almost made it a full two years before he dropped out of the university in the Seventh Empire. It was then his father cut him off, so, fearing any repercussions of * cough * unpaid tuition * cough *, he eloped to the northern continent in order to seek fame, wealth, power, and babes.

Of course, he stole a couple spellbooks from the great library, and has been slowly teaching himself throughout his journeys.

Kratos the Lizard Wizard

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